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HELLOOO my Guitar Friend! Thank you so for clicking on About-me & get to know me better~

:D --> My name is Alexandros. I come from the Greek Island of Cyprus. (About 700.000 population.)

I am a Professional Latin Dancer & Instructor but my hobby is also a big part of my life: Guitar! :D

Since 2007 I teach Guitar Lessons on Youtube. I am -not- a professional Guitarist nor Teacher.

I simply learn & progress as much as I can each passing year & share on Youtube what I

have  learned. :} I think people like seeing someone who is not a pro Musician doing well

(progress & improvement), as this shows that -you- can do it 2!! ;)

So I hope I can "lead" by example to keep on improving & making better Videos & Music to inspire

people to also pick up their Guitars & improve, learn & most importantly share their results also~ :D


I try to create a community of Guitar -Friends-

that help & support each other to learn & progress.

So, now I continue to share freely what I

learn as to "Give" knowledge,

support & Love of Music to the world.

I believe what you do not share will eventually get lost..

Thus my Channels name: Give Or lose It! ;)

Remember: Music is Life & Life is Music.. Without Music

there can be no Life!

God Bless~