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So, why would Donations be of any help to me & our Guitar Channel?

Most of my Guitar Friends on Youtube know that Guitar Teaching is only a hobby!

My full time job is Latin Dance Teacher & Performer.

Anything I do &/or buy for the Channel is from -your- financial support!

---> (THANK YOU!)  <---

I'm a middle "class" citizen as most of the world out there~

My full time job covers life's basic needs..  (Rent/Food/Electricity/etc..)

When -you- offer a Donation I can "free" more time for more Youtube Lessons'

Slowly slowly, afford better lighting for TOP Recording HD Videos'

Better Audio/Video Recording equipment'

(Please do consider, that not many People Donate..)

Over -all-there are more & more of you aware now a days

how much work goes into making Youtube Videos, especially Teaching ones~

I only hope you feel as passionate as I do on keeping the Channel going!!  :D

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