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Lets Publish this baby!!


As most of my Guitar Friends know, my full time Job is a Dance Teacher!

That's right.. If you check the About-me Video or the About-me Page,

you'll see why & how I do what I do~

Guitar Teaching on Youtube is my hobby!! Let me explain:

In a "nut shell" I had a very bad Hand Surgery & I could not for the life of

me do those rehabilitation exercises.. TOO painful!

My hand wasn't getting any better..

So I remembered, Guitar Playing requires strengthening of the hands~

I picked "her" up (my Guitar) & don't get me wrong, it was still painful to

do but I was getting back not only my hand but Music!


This Book has 25 Fingerstyle Patterns to learn from the complete Beginner

to the Advanced "Picker"~

These exact same "Pickings" help me not only repair my hand but make it

stronger than before & give my sound its sound. (If you get my point)

It includes 50+ Mp3s, Recorded (by yours truly) of -all- the Lessons in the

Book. By Buying this Ebook you help me get -1- step further on making it

accessible in "hard" Copy to shelves around the World~

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